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My mascot, or something like that.

About Mina.

Born on the 11th of June 2004 with green hair and blue eyes, she's a rather laid-back and quiet girl currently standing about 160 cm tall. She moved from Japan to Germany a long time ago, but only speaks English and German fluently. Through her long stay in Germany, she also had plenty of time to acquire a number of lovely German insults. Used sparingly, they make sure that certain people will voluntarily never exchange another word with her.

She likes to eat mint-flavored treats, especially chocolate chip mint ice cream. Mina also always keeps a pack of gum in her pocket, though her chewing gum bubbles are rarely larger than a centimeter. Meat dishes also raise her appetite quite a bit.

Mina is fascinated by architecture and interior design, finding joy in conceptualizing modern living spaces. There are plans for how every room in her dream house should look, not to mention the design of the house itself.

However, she does have issues committing to something and is quite easy to distract. Some days she may plan on doing something, only to then do anything but.

She also loves pats.

The design was created by @wxsonz. Please take a look at his Twitter profile for more of his work.

    There's also a palette page if you'd like something more exhaustive.

    Reference drawings by nekomimi.

    Would you like to have this overview with all details as a single image? Look no further:

    Fanart rules.

    I don't really have any rules for you if you plan on drawing SFW art with Mina. Knock yourself out.

    You may also draw things with Mina that should rather not be seen at work. Just try to keep it tasteful and wholesome, and don't create anything that can be considered fetishistic or otherwise sensitive, or that might disturb or upset some people.

    If you want something more precise, please don't depict any of the following:

    Rape, physical or psychological abuse, drug consumption, blackmail, prostitution, violence, gore, blood, scat, NTR/cheating, loli and shota.

    Non-exhaustive list. There may be even more rancid stuff out there, their existence unbeknownst to me. I'd like to keep it that way, so keep those out of my sight.

    Please also avoid any religious or political symbols and references.

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