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A dark and modern Minecraft UI resource pack.

About this pack.

The default light-grey backgrounds used for containers along with the irregular rounded corners never really spoke to me.

So I fixed that.

Mintcraft is a resource pack I made mostly to fit my own taste, but has proven to be liked by at least 3 other beings of human nature within this galaxy.

Taking some inspiration from the Minecraft Launcher's giant PLAY button, Mintcraft aims to provide a consistent dark mode and slightly refreshed look to the Minecraft UI.

Stress being on UI: This pack mainly affects the solid backgrounds of the options and world/server selection screens. If you'd like, you can also apply my take at the Minecraft Seven font, Mintbit, and a new button click sound via add-ons. Or download the Complete version to get all of that in one handy ZIP.

Need screenshots? Scroll up.

Special thanks.


For his custom song in the Sounds add-on. More to follow. Hopefully.

Vanilla Tweaks

For fixing the text color on dark backgrounds.

May contain mistakes and bad decisions.

If you have some feedback or found something that looks to be an error, feel free to send me a message.


Download Mintcraft either from Modrinth or the GitHub releases.