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I make things with vector points, polygons and code.

The gallery page is complete.

Almost every 2D graphic, 3D render and animation I've made since 2019 can now be found here. There are also a couple things I haven't published before.

A(nother) GUI for yt-dlp.

yt-dlp is a command line tool for downloading videos. I wrote a small fontend for it so it's a little easier to use.

Logos for openSUSE.

These designs actually won in the openSUSE logo contest. Yay. The designs are inspired by the logos of their more recent distros such as Aeon and MicroOS. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel here.

Stairway - A wallpaper for KDE Plasma 6.

KDE Plasma 6 needed a new default desktop background. This here was my submission to the contest, which was an adaption of my "Acrylic stairway" project.