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I'm a pixel pusher and button presser.


Math was never particularly my strong suit. So instead, I just let a few programs flip some numbers around in order to make pretty pixels on my screen.

Much less scary than numbers, indeed.

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Some of these could actually exist. Most of them would require you to either toss glass cubes into a blender or to exist in a dimension where the laws of physics don't apply.

And which has oxygen, but you already knew that.

More on the gallery page


When I was around 10 or 11 years old I wrote some weird programs in C#. Fast forward a couple years and now I write weird websites and programs in C#.

Don't worry about my git commits. I'm doing splendid.

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I've come to make an announcement:

Click the... triangles?

osu!lazer is a thing and I quite like the score counter in there. So much so that I made a font that I could use for my lockscreen.

In other news:

I've made some icons.

I wanted to replace the icons on my website with custom ones for a while. Now that I've created a decent amount of them, you may use them as well. Made to be crisp at 100% scale on low-DPI screens.

App router.

I finished migrating to the app router, which I had been putting off for so long. Fuck I'm tired.

The gallery page is complete.

Almost every 2D graphic, 3D render and animation I've made since 2019 can now be found here. There are also a couple things I haven't published before.

More into anime girls?

The official pprmint.art website's got you covered. Long live the Internet.

Here's the latest* artwork of Mina, my OC, drawn by kozu004.
* Latest SFW artwork. Don't really wanna show the other stuff right on the home page.


I've got answers

Actually, before you ask: It's pronounced "peppermint" just like the plant. That's not obvious to some people, but now you're smarter than them.